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Originally Posted by Pure Texas View Post
Interesting senecio,I was in West Texas driving my semi in the passing lane and another vehicle in the right lane at around 500 feet,the road was making a long sweeping turn to the left and the adaptive cc on my truck was shooting a straight line on sight,my truck saw the vehicle and started downshifting and braking,fortunately I knew what was happened and tapped the brake to disengage the the system isnít perfect but does the job.
Interesting, I have it in my F150, It uses the steering angle to keep track of the angle obstacles should be monitored. The semi system must be a little more sensitive.

Mine is defiantly not auto pilot. One thing that might help you though that I learned, if you run into that situation where it is reacting to something that you dont want it to, pressing the gas overrides the sensors, and then immediately resumes when you let go. I use it a lot off the highway and when I pass a turning car I just press the as so it lets me slip around the car close and let got and it keeps going. I know toyota and tesla both do it as well. Not sure about the semi but worth checking out. Then your not slowing down and having to get situated and reset the CC.
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