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I was surfing as I needed some help on a bike project. I tried a few, I was checking this one out, when I wanted to ask a question about a post, so I had to register. I remember most when a moderator sent me a note that if I did not introduce myself, I would be erased (maybe not quite like that, but that is how I remember it), but I really wanted to ask the question. When I did the new member thing, I got a whole lot of people saying welcome to me. I thought wow, I never been anywhere where they took the time to do that. Then later when I got on line and responded to some posts, it was like, these are really knowledgeable and good people, the rest is history. I never went back to any of the other forums. I found myself wanting to ask and respond to different posts. Everyone here is for the lack of a better word, became anextended family, it dosn't matter what you do, rich or poor, everyone is treated the same, with respect. It took me a while to get into the "fun" forum, wasn't sure how to take that. But wow, it is exactly what it says, fun. I have learned so much from the Technical postings as well, someday perhaps I can respond better to this part of the forum. Another thing I've found here is a well run forum, kudos to all of you that take care of that. You don't find a lot of bikkering, fighting, or even slaming. There are differences of openion, as there always is, but again, it is dealt with in a humane way. I have said things here, that I have not even told by best of friends.

What ever it is your doing, you seem to have done it right. It is a lucky find.

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