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Originally Posted by jlaframboise View Post
Can you tell if relay #6 is being energized when you turn on the key? You should be able to feel or hear a slight ticking coming from the relay. This relay controls the ignition and cruise control. Many years ago, there was a problem with the bank angle sensor. This sensor would kill the ignition in a situation where the angle of lean was great enough that it was possibly laying on its side or in a ditch. These sensors have been recalled and replaced. There is a chance, albeit a very slim chance that this bike has the original bank angle sensor. If you run completely out of ideas, you may try bypassing the sensor to see if the ignition comes to life. The sensor is on the frame under the seat. It is on the right side near the back. You should see 3 wires. A red, a red /white and a green wire. Jump the red/white wire to the green. If it is a bad sensor, your bike should start with this bypassed. If it still doesn't start. Reconnect the plug and work your way back from relay #6. If it is getting power in and out of the relay, then check the circuits from there to the ignition system.

The BAS recall was for the 1988 - 1993 year bikes. He has a 1996 year bike.....!
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