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Originally Posted by Bvanemon View Post
Put in the new battery still just clicks. So I pulled the center upper cowl to make sure reverse motor is in the correct position. Double checking the A/B solenoids I notice power to A then to B but if I push the button too far B shuts looses power.
Could it be a bad or gummed up switch?
Not sure of your experience so don't be offended. Just because a relay (solenoid) clicks does not mean it is good. Just like flipping a light switch does not guarantee the light will come on. A poor connection internal the solenoid will cause a no starter symptom.
When you mention solenoid "B" loses power are you checking the small wires or the cable, big stud that goes to the starter. If you hold the start button all 4 studs (2 on sol "A" and 2 on sol "B") must have power to get the starter to spin.

Here is a basic theory. Power goes from the start button to solenoid "A." It should click and both studs should have power. The power from a stud on "A" goes to solenoid "B" and makes it click and then you will have power on both studs of "B." All 4 studs with power. It happens in microsecond of pushing the start button. When you saay that pushing harder on the start button causes "B" to lose power that makes me think the start switch is bad. The start switch is either on or off. Should make no difference how hard you push it.

Tomorrow I would make sure both solenoids click when you push the start button. They both happen simultaneously so you might have to listen with a screwdriver or stethoscope. They both have to click. If all is well there then check to be sure that all 4 studs have at least 10 volts with a voltmeter. If you do this test something is not going to pass. Let us know which did not pass and we can go to the next step.
FYI the reverse relay supplies a ground for relay "A." If reverse relay fails relay (solenoid) "A" has no ground and no start will happen. The start referse can be fairly complicated at first. If you do the tests I suggested tomorrow and report back I'm sure the guys can walk you through the next step. You need power on all 4 studs of the solenoids with the bike configured to start. I am all but certain you will not have power on all 4. If you report back how many and which solenoid that will give a really good clue where the issue is.


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