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Originally Posted by Bvanemon View Post
Yes, I did the WD no change went ahead and removed the switch cleaned and lube just dirty no junk. I did put a 22 mm on the nut won't move and it looks to be in the neutral position.
Still just clicks, and looses power when you push the start button all the way.
Pulled the A/B solenoids and ran the books test for each power to the small leads Y/Gr + Br/Rd - it clicks then check for continuity both test fine.
Not sure what direction to go tomorrow, book kinda heads toward checking reverse relays not sure about the reasoning for that unless it has something to with the reverse relay. I had tried to use it while running when all this started.
Again thanks. I'm open to just about anything.
Forgot yes I had the key on when I jumped the B terminal. It did turn over but I didn't want to force it.
Even though the manual says this test is valid it is not. The internal connection can be good enough to test fine with an ohm meter but fail when the extreme power required to spin the starter is appled. A better test is in the post above. Will the solenoids pass the heavy loads and still hold 10 volts or better. The manual can help but sometimes it adds confusion.


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