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Originally Posted by MaynardGKrebbs View Post
I saw a video on this the day after the first instance. The sensor was at fault, but once they figured out that the plane needed to be manually flown, they had to correct the AOA manually with a large flywheel like control under the throttle/thrust console. In the demonstration, they had spin the wheel what looked like 10-15 revolutions. At that point the simulator overshot the correction and the co-pilot was left chasing the correction, like loose steering.
I wonder if "Skully" could have flown out of it? He did an amazing job in the river landing.
AOA canít be corrected,itís simply a weighted wing type apparatus that is set on the front outside of the airplane,one issue was the throttles were never pulled back from takeoff power,should have happen before the issue happened,it caused the airplane to gain speed causing high pressure on the horizontal stabilizers and nearly impossible tho turn those wheels that could have brought the nose up but the speed the aircraft was gaining there just wasnít enough time or altitude to regain control.
Worked at Boeing 26 years and have complete faith in that airplane,that said,there should have been more intense training on that technology program,if you recall the Alaska plane that crashed off the coast of California,same issue except it was a frozen locked up lead screw,the same lead screw that controls the stabilizer on the 737 max.

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