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interesting??? I never thought that far thru it. got the same problem with 84 GL. rebuilt stuck piston rear caliper, bleed back well with 1" bore plastic syringe and clear plastic hose, no bubbles. then I read in book.... "bleed front R brake first" ok will try that as have over 1" of pedal travel and that cant be right.

read in popular mechanics that when bleeding brakes and PUMPING the pedal ALL THE WAY, to the floor, in the stroke the piston in the master cylinder goes where it has never been before and that part of the bore is rusty... tearing up the piston cups...= new master cylinder. PM writer said to put 2x4 under brake pedal to keep pedal from going all the way to the floor when PUMPING the brakes to bleed the system. or do a brake job... plan on new master cylinder as if very old the bore is pitted anyway and pretty much non rebuildable by avg home tinkerer and such a mess to make it not worth the effort... depending on yr, make/model. and ... never time to do it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, BUT ALWAYS TIME TO DO IT AGAIN... and again, cuz saved some money by not doing it RIGHT the FIRST TIME. I like the plastic syringe and clear hose that fits the bleeder thing. $1/each on E bay, or a little more at farm supply store.

brake fluid swells up the piston rubber in the syringe and degrades the plastic so the syringe wont last but mostly for one time use, so for $1/each might want to get 5 sent from HK at a time. 2+ wks delivery though
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