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Yup, I was hopeful, used dremel with 80 grit sanding drums on it to slightly machine the inner bead down and take a little material off the bead figuring that is all that it wud need for the $56 165 65 15 tire to fit, but that didn't work either. well lubricated, in the sun so it was pretty warm and 80-90 PSI and the bead DID NOT SEAL on ~ 1/3 of the tire.

I seen pix of blown out sidewalls on tires on some site regarding putting car tires on bikes/GL's. that is a LOT OF FORCE when it goes and I don't want my head/arm taken off by an exploding tire. I have cheated death/dismemberment/immolation too many times in life to "stick it out there and DARE someone to take it off" as the saying goes. $56 wasted on cut bead tire that is no good for return. lessons learned. 15.008 is not ~14.898" or was it 14.988"? so little that I had a hard time doing the math on it to figure out how much material to take off ALL AROUND the wheel to make 15.008 into ~14.988, which to most ppl would be nothing.... oh well, 5 yrs a tire is considered no good, regardless of mileage as rubber is dried out; in my case tread came unglued from cord @ <4000 miles.

under pressure? (~36 PSI)... for wt on bike (max weight for bike, NOT TIRE that was rated for 1100# at MAX PRESSURE, but the rear only carries ~2/3 of the bikes weight (shd weigh the front/back of bike with me on it at truck stop, but don't know if scales that are made to weigh 80K# are sensitive enough for ~800#?) so... doesn't/shouldn't need so much pressure and is easier on my aching back on rough roads?). car tire max load 1200#.

apparently, some of us, have to machine the wheel just a LITTLE BIT to get the tire to fit on the wheel, but who does that work and how much $ is involved... more than it is worth? as most lathes are made to make little things. cant use a grinder on the wheel. A LOT of dremel work and a LOT of 80 grit sanding drums? it SEEMS that with an hour or so with Dremel and sanding drums could take off ~.009" of material off the alum wheel? still not right... unbalanced/out of round wheel... noticeable?

OH, how I WANTED it to work, but alas it did not. just saying. Ur mileage may vary. differences in diff types of tires, manufacture of the wheels humidity, ... ~90 PSI is as far as I would go and leaving it out in the sun for a day and still bead would NOT seat, even after messaging inner bead and bead seat area for an hour+ with dremel and ~18 of the 80 grit sanding drums in 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" sizes.

maybe more work to bead on wheel would have worked but it is hard to put the material back on the wheel after it has been removed and no way to measure the amt of material taken off to know when to say WHEN. mounting the tire with tire spoons is a 2 MAN job as that 3rd hand/ arm is a little slow in coming. mounting the tire without machine (bike shops wont do it, generally, car tire shops use spoons as wheel wont work on their machines, generally, and still the tire store DOES NOT WANT TO DO, but might. NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED!!!!) cutting/ruining the bead area of the tire, allowing air/moisture in between the rubber and the cord to facilitate separation of tread from cord. Ford Exploder and Tirestone? =TPMS Tire Pressure monitoring Systems
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