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I took the dremel to it with 80 grit sanding drums to put a 45* bevel on the inner bead to try to get the tire over that bead. nothing changed. still ~1/3 of tire would not seat. I took dremel to the tire mounting surface to clean it up and take a LITTLE material off figuring that it just needs a LITTLE material off to have the tire POP on the bead=nothing, same thing, bead would NOT seat for the ~1/4 of the bead/tire on either side.

I was scared to go past the point of NO RETURN with the dremel and not be able to get either car or MC tire on the wheel. maybe I shd have been brave and just kept going and going and going with the dremel and 80 grit sanding drums and mount/dismount the car tire til it went on the wheel???? but new/ used wheels are not too cheap @ $120~ on e bay and I had already thrown good money after bad by ... possibly ruining the car tire getting it on/off the wheel and ripped the outer bead area of the new CT (from tire spoons? that is a 3 hand operation to get any tire over the wheels bead and a TRUE exercise in PATIENCE). 90 PSI was as high as I was willing to go, if tire BLOWS and it is on ground/against something (wall) the tire/wheel is going to go SOMEWHERE and a persons head/arm/hand is RIGHT THERE (unless get one of those air up things that has the lock on it to lock it to the valve stem, which I have, but doesn't work right). set regulator on compressor for... whatever, put tire somewhere that if it blows up no one gets hurt. I don't have anyone to drive me to ER and ins co is funny abt ER 45 min (5 min w/ dr) visits @ $1500+

I spent.... ~1.5 hours with the dremel and ~18 sanding drums whittling on the wheel. I had more dremel sanding drums, can get 100 from HK/china for $3/pack (get 2 packs, they don't last long)... actually they went up... tariffs? inflation? if a person had the patience to sit there and whittle away for... 2-3 hours with 100 sanding drums the CT might go right on the wheel. I don't think a person would make the wheel out of round or make the wheel weaker with the minimal amt of material a person needs to take off to make a 15.008" wheel into a 14.988" wheel, or whatever the measurement is, it isn't much. maybe I shd have whittled away more on it? but bike has been down for ... a while now and I wud like to ride it to stretch its legs.

it wudnt start til I poured a little gas down its throat from sitting for a while now... last year when starter (I thought) went flat... but battery was discharged from sitting? going to put a battery cut off switch on the L side saddle bag with 6 GA wire so can turn off the battery when it isn't in use for a while... and in case of electrical fire with OLD bike with some... aftermarket wiring for xmas lights. the plug in for the starter relay thing next to battery had gotten HOT and melted the plastic plug a little. I used grease to protect the plug ins from corrosion. dielectric grease probably wud have been better, but grease is grease, to me. seems to work ok, bike started. coil over rear shocks squeak? but the back shocks were BLOWN so they had to GO. Diff oil topped off with a touch of 2-3 oz of STP oil treatment, splines greased... now... road test

oh well, put a bike tire on it, good for 5 years before the tire dries out or the bike has some kind of expensive failure that makes it economically not worth fixing. ignition pick ups? on back of motor on the 84, on front of motor on 85 onward.

I pressure washed bike ONCE with pressure washer, rode it a short while and then it DIED, nothing... but crank, crank, crank. towed it back to place, put it to bed, came back in a week, came right back to life like nothing happened???? don't trust the bike very far now, have tow strap in trunk. need AAA PREMIUM $110/yr good for 200 mile tow range.

AAA regular is only good for 5 mile tow range and then... $5/mile after that? WOW! it is cheaper, AAA regular, $60? ask them to waive the initiation fee of $20? good for gas, jump start, lock out, tow and other stuff and good for using when in other ppls cars. only 4 uses a yr and then no more uses til one of the "uses" rolls off the yearly calendar. oh I wanted it to work. oh well, had $100 MC tire already so take the "hit" on the $56 CT... and $10 to take it to shop to have them mount it the first time. tire spoons $11 on e bay put to work removing tire and putting MC tire on (GET HELP when u do that for the 3rd hand/arm that is NEEDED). That is all I have to say about that, Forrest, Forrest Gump.

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