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Originally Posted by Ekvh1 View Post
Throwing this out there for thought. I know many are against car tires in the first place, and if you are, mosey on down to the next post. Has anyone thought about judicially removing a little of the tire? Part of the seating problem may be the inner part trying to fit over the bulge. Itís not visible so you donít think of it. Iíll add a pic from the naysayers files. It wouldnít take much (red arrow and line) to get it to fit and I am not positive, but doubt youíd hit cords. Too much and it might not want to stay on in the corners. It would have to be a measured amount. The blue that this same pic highlights as a negative for car tires is tight as can be on my 2000, 1500 rear rim.

I have not tried this.
No, that wouldn't help get it to seat. Then after it is seated it is NOT coming off (as claimed by naysayer) unless it goes flat and probably not even then.

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