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Sounds like you're getting rf interference.
Happens all the time even though it's not allowed according to the FCC.

Check out YouTube for rf chokes.
Many ways to tackle it, from very simple ferrite bead or ferrite choke, and many more.

What you're trying to prevent is the rf from coming in to the cb via it's antenna coax.
Or just by being too close to the RFI source.

Shielding the led by wrapping it or surrounding in into it's own cage if you will.

What you described is called front end over load.

The led has some components emitting RF. Read the label if you can for the led lights and see what the statement is about interference caused by that device.

It'll be some part of the FCC rules pertaining to interference.

Most of the time..... Devices are not allowed to emit RFI. At all!

But we all know that's not the case, in reality.

Good luck

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