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'86 SEI stability issues

Good evening gents.

Ive recently done quite a bit of maintenance on the ol girl and she was down for at least 6 months while I was working. When I put her back on the road she feels unstable at speeds over 70 mph. No vibrations, just weaving back and forth no matter the wind. I can incite the weave at around 60-65 by dodging a pothole move.

MX performed:
Front tire leak (around the rim) fixed.
Rear tire (same brand as before) replaced.
Rear brake rotor replaced.
Grips replace with Kuryken (or however you spell them).
Head bearings retorqued (replaced last year with AllBalls).

Ive double checked the rear axle install, the torque on all the triple tree hardware and front wheel hardware.

This same weaving was felt before all of this before but only in high speed turns. This bike has 115k miles and well taken care of. Everything still works on it except a few ligh bulbs I dont know how to get to.

Im running same pressures in the tires and suspension as before.

I got rid of my alluminum wings and picked up a Goldwing. Here to live once, die once and give Glory to God while doing it.


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