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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
This particular pump is a low pressure, rotary vane pump, and it requires the stated flow rate to keep the motor cool...

it is not the motor's windings that burn up, it is the vanes themselves that get hot from friction against the pump's sidewalls when flow ceases.

once the vanes stick against the pump's wall, it can't be moved again, even with force.... I tried it to see what was happening.

the trick to to make darn sure, that the outlet hose is the correct diameter, and that no restriction ever occurs. that means using a Tee connector that allows the outlet line to be straight, or nearly so.

This has the caveat that you must never allow the gas tank to go completely dry..... However, the pump will be turned off the instant the engine quits anyway, it is controlled by the ECM, not the ignition switch.
I agree letting the tank get low is hard on the pump but there are times there is very little or no flow through the pump, such as deceleration or at idle, should not hurt it.

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