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I think we have all made driving "errors in judgement" in our years of riding time. And the fact that we are on this forum to talk about it means SOMEONE is watching over all of us! The ones who are NOT here are ones who were not so lucky. I remember very well a time I went into a turn, And I knew this road, far too fast and even though I did everything right the bike laid down. (Well, everything except trying the turn at 90 MPH!) The old Harleys had those squared off tires so when you laid it into a turn you were on a pencil line size tire patch. I was lucky that the bike went down and out in front of me and I took out 50 feet of picket fence and a couple hedges. The bike was in front and took out the fence and bushes and I was just along for the ride. I actually rode the bike home with not much more damage than a broken front brake lever and a bent shifter (right hand shift on the 66 Harley) and a few scratches on the exhaust. And to add to the luck the homeowner told me to not worry and the fence and bushes, He hated them anyway and I saved him the trouble of removing them. He was just glad I was Ok.

I have just gotten back into riding after many year away from it and I find I am not as confident as I used to be. Maybe that is I am not as Overconfident as I used to be?
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