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15.1 is a bit too high if it lasts for very long, a couple of minutes would be okay.
the regulator should drop to 14.3-14.4 very soon after engine starts up cold.

once the engine is warm, and the battery has equalized to about the same temperature, the voltage should drop to 13.6-13.8

my 1800 however, stays at 14.1 all the time which is a tad bit high, but I am not going to try and fix what is not really broken. been that way for years, going to leave it alone.

If the battery turns the engine over fast, and it starts while pushing the starter button, the battery is okay.

If, it won't actually start until you release the starter button, then I suggest that you get a new AGM battery.

A good battery will hold the charging voltage down where it should be normally.
but, with a 90 amp alternator, it is really going to depend on the regulator working properly.

I have gone back and read both of your posts, and want to agree with Dennis.
I think it is time for a new battery.....
I would save the one you have to use for hobby stuff.

as for the CB and other electronics, they will survive continuous voltages up about 16 volts..... but, I would not be comfortable at that level if it were mine.

My thoughts are, if it stays at the 15.1 level for more than a couple of minutes, a new battery is needed.

The battery should always be topped off completely with a Battery Tender on it, it will not need to be heavily charged...
however, my battery tender seems to stay at around 13.6-13.8 on my 1800.

on my RV which has a 1,000 CCA Deep Cycle Marine battery, that Battery Tender seems to stay at about 12.8-12.9

~ John

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