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80' 1100 Rear Brake Master Cylinder C clip not holding

My rear master cylinder came apart, C clip popped out. So I bought a rebuild kit, cleaned up the master and installed all the rebuild parts. I cleaned the grove where the C clip rides with a dremel brass wire wheel. Reassembled everything, bleed the system and it was all working fine. Test drove 25 miles or so and no problem.

Then yesterday the C clip popped out again (the rebuild kit included a new C clip which I used).

So clearly the lip on the master that holds the C clip is too corroded to hold properly. Unfortunately the 80-82 rear brake master cylinder is a hard to find part. I seem to have two options (dismissing the option of waiting until the part lands in my lap):

1 - disassemble the current master and use the dremel with a grinding wheel to cut the grove deeper/sharper.

2 - adapt a master from another year/model to fit (description of one method found on this site at:

Anyone have a similar problem with the C clip falling out? Is my option 1 even plausible?
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