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got it. holes on swingarm need to be drilled out to 7/16" for larger studs on final drive (FD) the 88-89 GL's used 6 pin drives, 90 on had 5 pin drives. the drive splines shd be the same on either, but the 84-85 had a different hub on the drive flange than the 86-87 final drive spider/FD. disc bracket needs to be ground down to 1/2" as the FD is moved over to the L side ...??? where it looks like there is only the spacer IN the wheel, disc brake bracket, 1 flat washer, swingarm. just too much work for me, im too old to mess with all that , I wud like to ride the bike a few more times before I expire and not expire working on the thing. it is not that important.

doubt the machine will last more than 1 more season before it has some kind of catastrophic (Ignition pick ups) failure and just not worth the effort to take the WHOLE machine apart again to replace 2 things that shd have been put on ... most anywhere but where they put them, that are no longer available anyway. lessons learned again, buy a "cheap" bike n spend more on it than it is worth and not be able to trust it to WM 6 miles away. expensive lesson # xxx.

I wish I had money to buy NICE NEW THINGS that didn't have to work on more than get to use them. that wasn't fun many, many, many years ago when I was poor, in better health and couldn't afford decent things, it is not fun now that im older, in poor health and cant afford to have decent things that work
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