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Originally Posted by JamesPal View Post
I agree with Dennis about not using the brass parts in aftermarket rebuild kits. I have been successful with the rubber parts. The only brass parts in the Keihin CV carbs that wear are the needles and the needle jets. The hole in the jet should be round and the needle will have flats when they are worn.

After reading this thread it is pretty clear the bike is running lean. You went a lot smaller with those jets. That would just make things worse. If it was me, I would buy a new set of jets from Jets R Us. Get the correct Keihin size. Then carefully look at all of the rubber and make sure the o-rings at the base of the intake runners are good. Keep us posted.
Thanks for all these inputsJamespal...
Something that confused me when I took the carbs apart : I didn't find any Orings anywhere except on the outside pilot...
Where are the bunch of Orings coming with the kit supposed to go ?
Also the floaters needles valves were completely stuck in their seats... I've tried everything but couldn't get them out without damaging them... so I had to replace at least these with new...
Another person on a different forum told me to shim the needles in order to compensate for the leaner jets ... what do you think ?
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