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Reinstall the 108's?? if you still have them. No one has mentioned California series carbs are jetted different than the 49 states models. I know you are on the east coast, but motorcycles have wheels, and they move around.....
You don't shim to compensate for incorrect jetting. Some use a shim to lift the needle slightly to compensate off idle, but I've never found the need to on the 1200's. If they're clean, they work. After you've brought he carbs back to stock, you might want to open the pilots an extra 1/2-1 turn over recommended. Gas was a lot better when they designed these bikes. Since you replaced the needle and seat assy's, make sure your float level is correct.
And my book says 3 1/2 turns out. Not 1 3/4.....

Libraries are full of stuff I don\'t know.
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