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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
paid cash for every bike I have bought.
had loans on two vehicles, a '65 Plymouth and a '74 Suburban which I needed for family reasons, but with a salary of $600/month, cash was not an option then.

I hated those payments, and swore "never again" and I stuck to it.

Well, I did until 2004, I drove up to Las Vegas, NV to visit old friends.
Just as I entered the city of Lost Wages, the car I was driving developed a horrendous transmission problem. It started slipping badly, but when it cooled down, it would act normal....

My friend drove me around town to go look at a '98 Dodge 1 ton diesel I had noticed while driving thru town to his home. when we arrived, I played hard to get, the truck had a lot of issues, I would not buy it w/o a 1 year warranty.... the salesman said "like hell" and I left.

30 minutes before they closed that night, I got a call from the Manager of the Dodge dealership in Lost Wages..... "what would it take to get you to buy that truck?" told him my terms, he said give me 5 minutes........... he came back to the phone and said "Okay, it is yours, come and get it".

After we got there, I signed papers for my Credit Union to cover the invoice... then I was asked if I wanted a trade in.....
I never once mentioned that car.... I said "well, what would you allow me for that car out front?"

the manager went out and looked at it, started the motor, stuck it in reverse, and forward, shut it off and came back in....

Forget now how much I got, maybe $1600? whatever, I was glad it was gone.

I hope I am never in that situation, but I know it can happen.
I guess having to make a payment on a vehicle makes it feel more like a burden than an enjoyment.

I still drool over the shiny new bikes out there and think how nice it would be to have one, then I think about how much the payment would be and it starts to look like a mill stone around my neck and not a fun bike.
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