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Originally Posted by guyval View Post
Sounds like you're getting rf interference.
Happens all the time even though it's not allowed according to the FCC.

Check out YouTube for rf chokes.
Many ways to tackle it, from very simple ferrite bead or ferrite choke, and many more.

I'm curious how the Ferrite Choke has worked out? Has anyone tried it and been successful?

I have the same issue with new LED Driving Lights I added to my GL1500. It takes out my CB and the FM radio is no longer usable. FM has very bad buzz sound drowning out any signal.

Interesting thing is that I had Sierra Electronics modify the radio so I could plug in a MP3 player, and that works fine with LEDs turned on. It just trashes the over the air RF signals.

I have already shielded the CB antenna cable with an additional foil wrap to try that approach. I have not done that on the FM radio antenna cable yet.

NOTE: My LED Lights are not from EC, but I'm having the same issue. Just want to insure that Lewis has nothing to do with my issue.


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