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Ok , Thanks to all . I bit the bullet and bought sena 20 evo headsets. I originally purchased a set of Uclear Amp pros. I was told that they worked cross brand. But I couldnt get them to pair with my sena freewire. They paired to each other and to my phone OK. They sounded great, and I liked the hidden mic setup. Plus a simple 3-butoon control.

But since the original intent was to use the GL's sound system and CB was not achieved, I exchanged them for the sena 20s. So far it's all good, although I havent mastered full voice command yet. The 20s Evo is feature rich, and requires a learning curve for control of it's features. Fortunately there are multiply ways to reach each function, so if you forget how to get what you want, you can fake it.
I went to DennisKirk to by them, they are great. I carefully unpacked the kit, and attempted a benchtop pairing, when it didnt work like I wanted, I repacked it, and exchanged it for the sena units, just payed the difference. 90 days No Questions return/exchange.

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