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Originally Posted by dvoeltz View Post
Hello, I'm looking for some suggestions. I have two gl1500's and cant get the hi beam to work on one of them. I took the head light assembly out of the one cycle and tried in the other cycle. the headlight works just fine in the second GL1500. I then took a 12 V test light and checked the electrical connector. On both bikes, if the switch is set to low beam, the bottom left and top left connector have power. If I switch to hi beam, then the top left and top right connector have power. The bottom right connector apparently is ground.

So I am getting the same results on the electrical connectors on both bikes, yet neither head light works on hi beam on bike one but both work fine on bike 2. Any thoughts on what I should check next?
thanks much!
Dave in Pierre, SD
Given your good description my first thoughts are you have a bad high beam relay. The relay is degraded to a point where it will no longer power the big high amp draw of the headlight. What is confusing you is the relay is good enough to power the little draw from the test light. Very common and you are not the first to be confused by this phenomenon.


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