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I Hadn't seen the Ford configuration before... Hmmm... Don't see why not - the Additional diodes on the common point are certainly another opportunity to make current!

A buddy of mine was having charging issues on his Moto-Guzzi 1100. I tested the alternator, Surprised me that it only had a SINGLE PHASE output. Found plenty of AC juice there. So that thing must have only a basic 4 diode bridge... Told him he needed a new Rec-Reg module.

John Said:
"You are going to have to forget what you know about a Sinewave single output winding, that has the negative side of the diode tied to "Ground". This will produce only positive going pulses, or "dead air", if you like on the negative going half of the cycle."

Only applies if you are using a single Diode rectifier. With a four diode bridge, you have full-wave output.

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