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Hello from Newfoundland and Labrador

Hi everyone, I am the proud owner of a 1986 Goldwing 1200 GL Interstate with 77730 kms on it. Bought it about a month ago and can't wait to begin riding within the next month or so. We still have snow on the ground in places and its still a bit too cold for riding. In the meantime, I am doing maintenance on the bike in preparation for the riding season. I have joined this forum because of the valuable information, tips and help I'll be able to get from all the experienced Goldwing owners out there plus be part of a motorcycle community.

I do have a question for someone out there who may have ideas about a couple of issues I encountered today while working on my bike. First, I took off the final drive gear case, pulled out the drive shaft from the u joint. I put Moly 60 on both splines and put the whole thing back together. I don't have the rear wheel put back on yet. I started the bike and ran her through the gears. When I put it in the fifth gear there was kind of a clunking noise coming from the u joint area it seemed to me. I put it back in 4th gear and noise stopped. No noise in other gears either. Any ideas out there what may be happening. when I revved it up the noise disappeared.

The other issue is that when I checked the final drive gear oil after changing it earlier, it was grey...the Moly 60 has apparently gotten into the gear case and mixed with the gear oil. Is this normal; is it ok to leave it that way? Should I have put Moly on that spline because there was nothing on it when I first took it out.

Looking forward to any help/information I can get on these issues. Thanks. Newfierider
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