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Ď82 1100 - Half of the Dash Lights are Dark

1982 GL1100I

I have intermittent neutral and oil dash lights. When the lights are out, the temp and fuel meters show zero. The turn signal lights and the high beam light work just fine. Bike starts and runs normal, Iím just occasionally missing half the dash lights and the meters.

I have traced the wireing diagram and see that all the non-working lights and the 7v reg for the meters are all fed by fuse #2 where as the working lights are not. So it could be an intermittent open on fuse #2, except that fuse #2 also feds the spark units. I guess I could pull fuse #2 and see if the bike runs without it, which I will do tomorrow to confirm.

My question is - could the bike run without power to the spark units? I suspect not, buy maybe the experts know different.

If the spark units require a good fuse #2, then the cause of the intermittent open must be in a wire or connector somewhere. Sound about right?


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