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Water pump cover questions

When I removed the cover, it appears as if the last mechanic that touched this used some sort of sealer at this connection. The O-Ring seemed flat (I suspect he did not use a new one) and the "packing material" was kind of brittle. I could flake off little bits here and there. I doubt it was vaseline since there was nothing "wet". Totally dried. I was able to get the old ring out but the channel was filled with this hard brittle stuff. I was able to scrape most of it away.

The pump side of the connection still appears to have some sort of residue on the mating surface. Any opinions on how to remove it. Someone suggested acetone or nail polish remover. I ordered a new O-Ring to use when I re-attach the water pump cover.

Upon reassembly, any opinions on what to use as a lubricant? Should I also use some sort of sealant?

1983 Goldwing Interstate. I'm the original owner. Many years ago, I had the timing belts changed. That was the last mechanic that touched this bike. I can't believe the factory would have assembled the 2 parts that way.
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