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The heads on a drum are stretched over a "bearing edge".

A metal rim holds the head against that edge, and the more the rim is tightened down, the higher the pitch of the drum will be. But because there are 6, 8 or more lugs that must be tensioned around the circumference of the drum, each must be tightened the same amount to achieve a consistent tone.

If the bearing surface isn't flat all the way around the drum, you'll have a harder time tuning the head and getting a consistent sound. So a drum "shell" is made, and then each bearing edge is "surfaced" to ensure it's as flat as possible.

Snare drums have a depression in the bottom bearing edge that allows the snare elements to pass over or through the bearing edge and across the thin head on the bottom, but they're designed so that the "dip" is centered between lugs, and the snare elements deaden the "ring" of the bottom head of a snare drum in any event, so the effect on tone is minimized.

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