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Originally Posted by odinjunior View Post
Everyone says that but I have yet to see any one show proof.

No one is forcing you to replace your belts. You can run them just as long as you want to. All we are pointing out is that they can and do break and if they do there will be engine damage, possibly a holded piston.
My buddy bought a GL1000 new and had it about two years when one day he was riding down the road running around 70 mph when he heard this terrible noise coming from the engine and a sudden loss of power. Upon inspection he found that the right side had broken the timing belt. When he pulled the head he found the pistons were banging into the valves on that side. He smoothed up the piston tops where the valves had beat on them then he replaced the bent valves and put it back together and rode that sucker. He had it several more years before he traded for another bike and never had any more trouble with it. We have no idea why the timing belt broke, especially with it still being a fairly new bike. That is the only one I have ever known of personally that had a belt break. Not common but it can happen.
So, if you feel lucky, just run them as long as you like.


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