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86 SEI Running rough suddenly

Greetings gents,

Had bike down for a bit (6 months) due to time and other mechanical parts change (back wheel etc...)

Bike starts up no problem cold. After it warms up, it runs like poop. Sometimes I can hear the injectors clicking like crazy after it dies.

No fault codes...

Also, after it warms up ( I cleaned the injectors by running Seafoam through the vacuum lines to the injectors). Unplugging the vacuum line (or lines) while warm does not change the RPM. I’ve had to turn up the idle quite a bit to keep it running. I’ve tried the ol intake leak trick by spraying starting fluid around the boots and vacuum lines but I get no rpm change. I’m at a loss. Unless the injectors are clogged causing erroneous mixtures anyway.

I got rid of my alluminum wings and picked up a Goldwing. Here to be a Light.

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