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Originally Posted by EAGLECRY24 View Post
Greetings gents,

Had bike down for a bit (6 months) due to time and other mechanical parts change (back wheel etc...)

Bike starts up no problem cold. After it warms up, it runs like poop. Sometimes I can hear the injectors clicking like crazy after it dies.

No fault codes...

Also, after it warms up ( I cleaned the injectors by running Seafoam through the vacuum lines to the injectors). Unplugging the vacuum line (or lines) while warm does not change the RPM. Iíve had to turn up the idle quite a bit to keep it running. Iíve tried the ol intake leak trick by spraying starting fluid around the boots and vacuum lines but I get no rpm change. Iím at a loss. Unless the injectors are clogged causing erroneous mixtures anyway.
Have an '85 Limited that I have been refurbishing for three and 1/2 years now, do work then ride, repeat as necessary. Once these FI bikes are working well, great bikes.

First thing I would do is set the idle and calibrate the TPS. Next I would suggest balancing the right/left cylinder banks. The idle will be affected so it's a dual calibration.

The vacuum lines go from each cylinder bank up to the PB sensors (MAP). I would put a vacuum gauge on each side and check the vacuum. If the system is working correctly you will draw a good vacuum. The reed valves work quite well and draw a lot of air from the idle air control system for cold starts, and to provide a source of air for the cylinders when the throttle is shut fully such as when decelerating.

If you disconnect one PB sensor vacuum line at a time, there will be no change in the engine operation. Disconnect both at the same time and there will be an issue. The ECU uses the PB sensor signal to assist in engine idle and engine performance below approximately 3000 RPM.

If you don't have the service manuals for your bike, would recommend getting a copy.

Troubleshooting these older FI bikes without the manuals is not an easy task.

No error codes is good. The injectors on these FI bikes are quite robust. Had mine cleaned and flow tested a while back, before cleaning flowed at 64 CC/min, after cleaning 66 cc/min. Shouldn't need to run seafoam or other products through the injectors.

The fuel system light, if it comes on is the equivalent of a check engine light. Had this light come on on another '85 LTD that I put on the road and have subsequently sold. Thought it was the fuel system, but there is nothing on the fuel system to trigger this warning light. Did some other tests such as leaving the air temp sensor disconnected, and took the TPS out of calibration, fuel system light came on.

Best of luck. Cheers

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