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Originally Posted by glhonda View Post
The control unit sends out a five volt reference signal ... Generally speaking, with the ignition on, and the throttle at rest, the return voltage should be @ one half volt. (point 5 volts). As the throttle is opened, the return voltage should rise to around 4 to 4.5 volts. It should be linear and SMOOTH with NO drop outs. What happens over the years, is the tps develops open areas that the ecm can't read. Since it doesn't know what the throttle position is, it can't deliver the correct amount of fuel. I suspect you have a bad spot or two in your tps. Possible water in the connection(s). Notice there are two screws that can be loosened to adjust the tps, but in your case, a simple adjustment won't help. Verify your results and check back.
Throttle rest is measured at 1.06v and full throttle is measured at 4.28v.

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