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Originally Posted by EAGLECRY24 View Post
I donít see any way to adjust the TPS. I did find water in the cover... Iíll investigate more. See picture and video.

Thereís that Click again. Un-commanded. I monitored the voltage of the TPS output and saw it jumped from 0.48 to 0.7. The resolution of the multimeter doesnít allow for very quick changes.
Since the tps is causing injector click by simply pushing on the wires and loom indicates the tps is malfunctioning. There are two "safety" screws that will need to be drilled out (I'd use a reversible drill with left handed drill bits to extract them). Sure looks like you are going to need a VERY EXPENSIVE throttle switch. Do an internet search for possible cross references with Honda cars and/or aftermarket. One volt is too high to be a factory setting, and since the tamper screws are intact, nobody's fooled with it. Again, you need to take the reading on the pin terminal eleven at the ecu. That's what the computer sees.

Libraries are full of stuff I don\'t know.
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