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Originally Posted by DaveO430 View Post
Originally Posted by Rickf1985 View Post

These are not perfect matches but they will usually get you by. The 13 is a bit loose on a 1/2" and 14 can be hard to get on a new 9/16.
If you are getting into stuff bigger than that then you probably should have dedicated tools.
8mm is the same as 5/16
11/16 doesn't fit very well on a 17mm
3/4 & 19mm are the same, I have a snap on socket with both numbers on it.
Anything 24mm and up there is an inch size that fits as well as the metric. All of my sockets over 24mm are inch size and I worked on metric cars all my working life. The inch sizes were cheaper than metric on the tool trucks.
I beg to differ, 18mm and 3/4 are very close, 3/4 is the larger. Its what I use if I misplace my 18mm and it a little bit loose
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