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The issue I had with the '85 LTD FI I put on the road and rode from Ontario to Victoria BC, a hard misfire is now making sense thanks to eaglecry24 thread and the various posts. Was thinking about this at 0300 this morning - go figure.

I installed a new aftermarket TPS in the '85 LTD prior to the trip across Canada. I was looking at fuel as the culprit, but a member over on the Classic forum mentioned that the symptoms were pointing at the TPS as being the culprit. Still did not change out the TPS because it was new, couldn't be defective. Rode it for some 3000 Km in Ontario and across Canada where, in Brandon Manitoba, I relented and changed out the TPS. Had a spare with me for whatever reason.

The bike would run well above 3800 RPM and in the lower 2000ish range. It did not like the heat of the day either. It ran better when it was cool out, or first thing in the morning, and because of this I was hoping for cool weather, even rain.

I never checked the injector firing as eaglecry24 has done because I was not looking in that direction.

Fuel economy was affected as well.

The TPS failure affected the injector firing and consequently coil firing. After the TPS was changed the difference was dramatic; however, was still gun shy so to speak and waiting for the other shoe to drop, but the rest of the ride to Victoria was great - not counting the severe cross winds that can be encountered crossing the prairies into the mountains.

Back to the issue at hand, TPS replacement.


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