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Just found this on GoldwingDocs:

“I do think you're onto something with the PB's. If you have the sup manual go through the steps in it for the PB system carefully. It's time consuming but can show a lot of small problems, especially if you do the calculations for voltage based on altitude and temperature. some other things to think about though... Do you get high idle when the bike is cold? There is a thermostatically operated air valve which acts as a choke while the bike is cold. There is a sensor on this valve which tells the computer when it's open (cold) and in turn lengthens the duration of injector opening, thus richening the mixture. As the coolant temp rises it closes the valve and 'closes the choke', the computer recognizes this and gives less fuel (the coolant temp sensor has the same effect so that's something else to check). If this valve is stuck or the sensor has failed it could be telling the injection system that it needs more fuel. On my LTD this valve was stuck open, as a result I removed the valve and installed a small plastic ball valve inline which now acts as a manual choke and I have no problems. Also with the TPS, I had to modify first to the honda car mod (which ended up not holding up and I switched to the BEI/Mouser tps) I set the throttle body opening to the spec in the sup manual and set the tps voltage within book spec. I found that I was still running fairly rich. Now understanding the CFI system it is a fairly redundant system. It has no idea how the engine is actually running, all it knows is what fuel curve to send it as the voltages change on specific sensors and doesn't actually recognize the effects on it (no o2 sensor to know how it's burning). Because of this the tps can actually be set down to .400 vdc before the system will throw a code for it being out of range. This means we can trick the system into running much leaner by increasing the opening on the throttle body and shortening the injector duration by reducing the tps voltage which in effect shortens the fuel curve. I found that if I set mine down around .440-.450 vdc I get good plug burn with proper timing curve on the electrode and get about 3-4 mpg more. You can play around with it to suit your bike, just make sure you check plugs regularly until you find a happy spot for it.”

It’s good info. I’ll look into the air valve as well.

I got rid of my alluminum wings and picked up a Goldwing. Here to be a Light.

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