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Originally Posted by kgypsy View Post

I am really sorry to see any business go under, especially one like yours. But i think this is more symptomatic of a Government with warped priorities, one more interested in Stadiums and sports teams, than it's children and single mothers..

As for the rest you old guys, give me a break! Welfare mothers? Really? Have you actually looked at the REAL studies behind those "reports"? And really guys (and I do mean guys here) are bombs and planes more important than feeding children and educating them?

You talk as if people never fudged off society before 1940.... humans have always done this, since the days of the caves and the grassy plain....

Why not use that sharp with to help struggling mothers and poor children instead making them into boogymen for your petty prejudices......

Ok, off my soapbox...

Peter, something new will come along, always does, especially with your skills..... I wish you the best and keep on riding!

Let crossfire begin... LOL!
Very sweet of you defending those mothers. Nobody is against feeding the children. The problem is when it becomes a way of life.
I have just sold a house in Trenton NJ, I owned it for over 25 years

The woman that lives in there for the past 20 some years has a drinking problem. Not much but I smelled buzz on her breath too early during the day. Her husband/ boy friend was/is in jail for murder or something like that.
He's been there since I know her.

Social services paid 80% of her rent since ever.She had a daughter with someone while she rented my house.
The little girl became 16-17 years old when I noticed a guy around the house. She got pregnant, had a baby and the baby daddy was not in sight any longer. She continued to live with her mother and had social services pay a teacher to tutor her at home.
She has been collecting a welfare check.
Two years later she got pregnant again and there is no man in sight.

It is a perpetual thing the old guys here are talking about.
A lot of people need help now and then, it just shouldn't be a way of life.

As for myself I think I have achieved financial security long time ago and have no concerns . The people we employ will find a job and the life goes on.

Thanks again for your point of view

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