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Originally Posted by joe in calif View Post
I did a search and didn't find anything. I need the number for the gates timing belts for a 95 SE. The bike I'm going to look at/buy tomkorrow has had a lot of service done but the timing belts are original. It has 69,000 on it's time to change them if I get the bike.

doesn't the manual state to inspect them at 100k miles and only change if they fail the inspection? if age was a factor honda would have had a time replacement interval. they are high quality industrial belts designed to run 24/7. the materials used, nylon and aramid, don't easily age/degrade unless left sitting in the sun for yrs. they don't work hard, valve spring pressure is only about 90lbs. they are not the cheap timing belts use in 1980's car requiring replacement at 60k miles.

I have my '98 valkyrie apart right now, changing the heads and camshafts, and at 62k miles belts look new and per inspection in the manual show zero wear.
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