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2016 GL1800 windscreen

Have a brnad new '16 GL1800. Only wanted to clean the bottom portion of the windscreen. was advised to toss the tweeked paint stick and rag and simply raise, clean, and lower it. so i released the levers. pulled up, cleaned and then...could not get the thing to go down as easily as it was "supposed to"!!! took some moving alot and it finally went down. i know i have had to do something wrong but not sure what. i did hear ratchet when it went up. could i have went up too far? did see the witness marks on both sides indicating upper level. i read that all i had to do was, release, raise, raise tad more and then lower. not sure what i did. very afraid of raising it again. it is clean so it will be a while i guess. i am hoping there is a "trick" to this. i had an '06 and never raised/lowered, used the stick method. could it b that the bike is brand new, things r a tad tight? any advise please...

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