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Originally Posted by oldmopars View Post
OK, so I know it has been a while on this one, but this bike took a different turn that the original plan. It is naked now.

So, anyway I put the alternator on the bike and hooked up the one wire and it did nothing. I was not sure why, but no charge. This is a brand new Alt. So I hooked up a wire to one of the 2 wires on the back and it started to work. Charging perfectly. So even though it said it was a one wire, you still need to have at least the voltage sense wire hooked up.
If you have the right alternator it should charge with a single wire going from the big terminal to the battery direct. All other functions are done internally. Senses voltage from the "battery wire" and gets power to turn on the regulator internally as well. Not sure what is wrong but good for you for getting it going.


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