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Dang, did not know things changed to here. Guess hospital time will take one out of the loop.

Estella a.k.a The Bride and I are driving the Fiat up on Wednesday and camping in the Aspen at Blandings Landing at Hanover as we lived there for a year. Our ride in the Fiat was determined just an hour ago when we were showing our home health/help person where we were going. On a whim, we looked at Dubuque, IA and saw the Arboretum listed as a site. Estella immediately said we are going there. They have 13,000 Hostas in 900 varieties. She only has 147 and around 20 varieties in her Hostas garden. OMG, more Hostas means welding more 2" pipe up 8' in the air to put more shade cloth up.

We are having Goldwing withdrawal pains this spring. Well at least until I remember it blowing up in my face and the continued battle with the insurance company who we had insurance on the building that was 8' away. We do still have the front forks and wheel with the remains of the burned tire on it and I have some puddles of aluminum to look at. The rest is buried in a pit about 20' from where it died.

A word of warning. IF YOU EVER FUEL YOUR GOLDWING FROM A 5 GALLON PLASTIC CONTAINER BE SURE TO GROUND THE CONTAINER BEFORE POURING FUEL. As the fire cause investigators said, a static electricity caused explosion is a 1 in a Billion thing but someone has to be that 1 and you are it.

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