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Multiple Issues . Where to start?

I went for a weekend ride IL to Nebraska and our 02 Goldwing Trike Cobra CS. I fueled up and noticed the instrument panel gauges didn't come back on right away. We took off each time mostly during the day the gauges would start working before we pulled out of gas station. Now last night heading back home after a fill up and found out we have no tail lights or dash lights and gauges didn't work. Turned on the flashers and checked the brake lights they all work. We traveled about a mile and the gauges started working but also have an FI fault light. I really don't know where to start. I searched the forum for the FI error and found a great thread from AZgl1800 back in 2018. I dont have a side stand it was removed during the trike conversion. Also the bike would stay running but the rpm would drop all down to 1-2 hundred almost stall out. Thanks RT.
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