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Originally Posted by DenverWinger View Post
What's happening here is the ECM (Engine Control Module) is not very voltage tolerant on these bikes, if the voltage drops much below 10.7 the ECM (which fires the sparkplugs) simply doesn't work, and you can crank the starter all day long with no spark at the plugs. Bad design on Honda's part if you ask me, should have made them more tolerant to low voltage (down to 9v.)

With a quick press-and-release of the starter button, you get the engine spinning and releasing the button lets the voltage come back up enough that the ECM starts working before the engine has stopped spinning....

If you feel confident enough to get into the wiring and add a relay, there's a modification that powers the ECM Directly from the battery, bypassing a good number of connectors, switches and wires where a small amount of voltage can be lost, and every extra bit of voltage to the ECM helps. I'm sure the "Keeper of the Bookmarks" will be happy to post you a link to the detailed "How-to" article.....

Originally Posted by Bellboy40 View Post
I believe this is the link that DenverWinger is referring to on how-to modify the ignition circuit so that the voltage drop is not so bad for the GL1500.

Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
that is definitely the way to go for a Permanent Fix.

Somehow, my Bookmark for the link above got lost.
I have now fixed that wrinkle....

Tnx to all for bringing this back to the top again.
I read through the thread and this looks exactly like what I've been hoping for. I've passed the link on to my mechanic and he's looking forward to getting inside and giving this a shot.

MEGATHANKS GUYS! I owe all of you... big time.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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