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I purchased the smallest Wal-Mart stainless steel insulated container. It is built exactly like the larger ones, except that it only cost $10.00, instead of $40.00.

Well am I GLAD I only bought the small one to test it. I figured that the cap and seal on the smallest bottle would be made out of the same material as the larger units.

I poured about a quart of premium gasoline into it and sealed it. I laid it on it's side in the sun, just to see how the seal would react to the gasoline.

The GOOD news is, the O-Ring was in perfect condition. The gasoline didn't have any effect on it whatsoever.

The BAD news is, I found only the O-Ring lying on the ground below the bottle opening. The gasoline had completely consumed the cap, and dissolved in into a small puddle of black goo.

So at least I know that this will NOT work for gasoline.

would anyone be interested in a $10.00 O-Ring?



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