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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Have you checked gas station availability on your route. Hell you can ride to Prudhoe Bay without an issue.
It is not practical, and maybe not even possible to plan for all gas stops along a 7,000 mile route for a bike that gets a nail biting 120 Miles per Tank of fuel while towing a trailer.

Once I cross into Canada, I am not at the mercy of the distance between gas stations. I am at the mercy of the distance between gas stations that are OPEN, and HAVE fuel, and can DISPENSE fuel.

The same goes for the roads in Alaska. A gas STATION up the road does not guarantee GASOLINE up the road. It is great to know that the next station is "only 90 miles up the road", but what happens when I get there, and it is closed, or out of fuel, or there is no power for their pumps, or it burned down and someone forgot to send me the MILEPOST update insert flyer?

Having never ridden through Canada from The U.S. border to Prudhoe, Alaska, nor across the country from coast to coast, west to east, I have absolutely no idea what I will encounter in the 7,000 miles + distance, but I do know I am not going to rely on the smaller gas tank of the new Goldwing! The North is hilly country. I am TOLD that sections of the road are less than perfectly paved, so dodging construction, slowing for gravel, and other obstacles will also eat away at the tank range. I believe Canada and Alaska not the places to set new high MPG records.

Honda had their heads deeply wedged up their rectums when they did that. A Goldwing should have a 300 MILE range or better, not "140 miles on a good day with a tailwind, and less if you are towing a trailer."


Any excuse for a ride!
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