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The difference in thrust angle is negligible but what really amazes me is the fact that they told you it needed an alignment in the first place. What that tells me is that they already had it set up on the alignment rack with all the sensors in place and ran a preliminary test on it to find out that the thrust angle was out. I find it hard to believe they would go through all of that during a simple oil change risking the owner would say no to the alignment. Either that or they simply guessed and once they put it on the rack and found nothing wrong they cranked one of the rear cams to give the out of range reading and then cranked it back. When we bought my wife's two year old Corolla with only 6,000 miles on it I bought the repair plan for oil changes and any repairs. It was a bit pricey but with my failing health I can't do the work I used to do. BUT, I made it quite clear to the dealer AND to the service manager that I was going to be able to watch all work being done on the car before I signed off on those papers. He was well aware of the fact that I am a retired master tech since he had o deal with me inspecting cars for prospective buyers who hired me. He actually tried to hire me as a mechanic a few years before so he knows I will be watching every move they make. I am not going to allow anyone to "create" an issue so they can repair it.

And the reason I did not take the job offer? I told him I was too honest to work for a dealership! He laughed and said he fully understood my point of view. That was why I was inspecting used cars before people bought them from a dealer.
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