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My "Camping" battery is a 110 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle. Heavy as hell but lots of juice!

Besides pulling our Trav-Lite Camper with the bike it is often hitched to the back of the Jeep. We enjoy rock-hopping thru the 4X4 Forest Access roads in the Colorado high country and camping in the forest. There's plenty of roads not so "gnarly" we can't get the camper down them. When we do that, the camper is loaded very light - just blankets, foldy chairs and light stuff that doesn't care about getting bounced around, and most of the gear (Battery, too) is in the Jeep.

One of our favorite spots is at almost 10,000 ft Altitude, and it can get downright COLD (below freezing) at night. Been more than one night we hotted up an electric blanket on the AC inverter.

180 Watt 120v electric blanket = roughly 2 amps 120v AC, or 20 Amps 12v DC, add another 5 amps for inverter inefficiencies. Of course, the blanket isn't on constant, it cycles on and off. With a 110 Amp-Hr battery that's over 4 hrs of blanket "On" time. The battery also powers some strings of lights around the edge of the pop-up canopy and lighting above the cookstove and propane grill, the JVC Boom Box (Gotta have our tunes) and a laptop computer - We might watch a movie or two. If we don't use the blanket the battery will last a 4 day weekend on one charge, otherwise recharge it from the Jeep in the morning.

Try doing THAT with a Lithium Ion pack.

We don't usually need the battery when Bike camping, we're usually in a campground with power. But if there's room in the trailer I bring it anyway.

I want to make a box on the trailer tongue for the battery, but the BBQ sits there bungy-corded to the spare tire. Don't want that messy thing inside the camper. Will have to look at moving the spare tire and grill forward to do that.

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