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The small one is the carb drain tube. The other is the fuel tray drain tube.

More than likely it is the one at the back of the air box.

You are going to have to remove at minimum, the seat, the left side panel and the top panel that holds the radio to get access to the air box. You might as well take off the right side panel also for a little more room. Take the top lid off the air box. Check your air filter while you are in there. You will also need to remove the 6 screws that hold the air box on the carbs. That will let you pull the bottom of the air box up just enough to get long needle nose plyers down there to grab the hose and slide it on the air box. There should be a spring clip on that hose that holds it to the bottom of the air box. Someone just got lazy and did not put it on. It can be a pain.

I would not run it long term without the hose. It is letting a tiny bit of non filtered air into the motor. That hose is plugged up at the bottom, so air does not make it into the air box.

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