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An update to the starter

After getting it to start we had more rain so it was another 2 weeks of not getting it out. Finally 2 weeks ago I was going to get it out. I'm not going to store it there again.
Wouldn't start again same symptoms voltage out of solenoid B rather than guessing and testing I pulled the starter again.
Took it out and it would not turn with a jumper pack. So I pulled it all apart down to the brush holder, I didn't do that the first time. I hope I explain this correctly the +12 brushes were fine the -12 brushes were corroded in the holders. You could see on the commutator where it was arching from it to the brushes. The negative brushes were cracked and burnt, and commutator had melted together in some places. So I replaced the starter and now all is fine. I've never seen a starter do that before.
So I blame me for not pulling it apart the first time.
Now you touch the start button and fires right up.
Again thanks redwing a big thank you for the voltage drop test. I took photos of it but it didn't show it well enough to see.
Again thanks

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