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Got a good one for ya -

Back in the '80's I was working for a company that did ultrasonic testing of oil pipelines from the inside, In '89 we were invited by Royal Dutch Shell to run our testing equipment thru their test loop in Amsterdam.

Boss managed to book us a rather roundabout flight there, Denver to Dallas, to Newark NJ, to London Heathrow, take the bus to Gatwick, then to Amsterdam.

On the London-to-Amsterdam leg I found myself seated to a pretty young lady and struck up a conversation. It was immediately clear she wasn't European, "Where are you from?" "Michigan", she said. I said I was originally from Michigan but moved to Colorado in '81. "What Part of Michigan?"..... She asked what caused me to leave Michigan for Colorado. "The Automobile Industry 'Crash' of 1980" (remember the big Chrysler bail-out of 1980?) I had been laid off by Chrysler Corp and the economy was so bad in Michigan I left a year later. "What did you do for Chrysler?" she asked. I worked in the "Impact Lab" installing instrumentation and sensors in cars so we could crash-test them. "Oh, Really? My Fiancee used to work there, too!" she said. "Who's your fiancee?", I asked.

Here we are, Many thousands of feet in the air, Many thousands of miles from home, In Europe somewhere between London and Amsterdam, when she told me her fiancee's name I almost fell out of the plane!

Her Fiancee Daniel worked the same shift, in the same department, doing the same job, we were laid off the same day, Dan and I used to play Euchre during lunch break, Dan did a nice job repainting my '71 Impala. When I told this young lady that I had dated her future Sister-in-Law Bethany for a year She almost fell out of the plane!

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